How things started & Where there going

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How disc golf in San Angelo got started

About 5 years ago a few people who had played discgolf wondered why San Angelo did not have a course.  With permission the city council agreed to allow us to use grassy meadows out at the lake, for our discgolf course.  There was one stipulation we would get no money.  This did not deter our intrepid hackers.  It was decided that some weekly mini’s and a big tourney we would call the CRUSH ON THE CONCHO would solve our fiscal worries.  About a year or so later we put the final baskets in at the lake.

Discgolf continued to grow in San Angelo and we wanted another course.  This time we wanted one in town for exposure and easier access.  The city gave us some choices but we preferred Brentwood and they gave us a year as a trial.  Well it has been a little over a year and the course is now permanet Discgolf course. Disc golf is booming in San Angelo and Brentwood is loaded up every evening sometimes with a line to get started with your group.


5yrs ago no disc golf in San Angelo




The Crush on the Concho held in March was in it's 5th year. It hit a new high this year with 90 players. 


The Heardimore Experience part 4 aka: 'FYB' was held in May and went to a one day evnt, but kept the cards to 20 per player. Last year it debuted the Epic 11. This year it saw the first 27 hole round. Played with 9 portable baskets set up to complete the 27.  


Big Cup Benefit held in July was in it's 3rd year brought out a big novice crowd. Debute of a new set of 3 alternates holes.

The West Texas Doubles Championship was held in Sept. and had 15 teams enter. This years will again be held in September. Check the tourney page for more info

Minis: Our current mini schedule, which can be found on the top of the home page, provides disc golfers all types of disc golf play. From weekly random doubles at the lake to our Wednesday mini this is something different every week. Weekly attendece ranges from 12 to 25 players. An ace pot was recently started in March of 2007. It hit $163 before the first ace was payed out to Juice on May 16th.

Richard Murdoch - author of how things got started

The Future...what does it hold for San Angelo Disc Golf

The club, with help from the City's Parks Deptment, completed phase 1 of the Brentwood Teebox Project in April of '06. This saw the installation of 4x4 wood frame teeboxes measureing 4' wide fronts, to 6' wide backs, and a length of 10'. They were then filled with decomposed granite and packed. Phase 2 of the project was to raise enough money to purchse flypads. Which we just recently hit that mark and they are on the way. Once they arrive we will repack the pads with granite, to get them smoothed out again, then cut and stake down the flypad material. These will provide a smooth and safe non-slip surface to tee off from. Once this is complete double chaining the baskets will be the final step to the completion of Brentwood least till we get permission and money to extend the park to a possible 12 or even 18 hole course. But that's way down the road.

The club has recently gotten word that the San Angelo Parks Department is up for letting us add more courses to area parks. The two locations that are currently being looked at are Picnic Bend Park, and Santa Rita Park. As if that wasn't exciting enough news, there is also a project in the works to get a disc golf course at the State Park. A proposal is being worked up and possible locations are being scouted. Keep your fingers crossed these projects go through. If it does, disc golf in San Angelo will just blow up with regional disc golfers wanting to travel to San Angelo to play the area courses...Which is not only great for our club, and tourney attendence, but also great for the City of San Angelo, and the State Park.

For information on how you can help to improve our courses, check the contact page and play an active role in the progression of disc golf in San Angelo.